"Although the tree may become very tall, the leaves always return to the root"


As we learnt more about trees we realized that working with live trees was a fantastic choice, so we used the latest knowledge and technology to set up the cabins in the trees.


Built entirely with non-treated natural wood.

The wood used for the tree top houses meets the quality and adaptability requirements according to the wood’s use.

We use chestnut tree wood for the exterior facing because it endures any kind of extreme weather conditions.

The larch tree wood is of a beautiful appearance thanks to its hues and grained patterns. It's used for the tree top house main structure as well as for the tongue and groove flooring, its walls and ceilings.

Our tree top houses benefit from double glazing and also from 10cm of ceiling and flooring insulation in order to provide better winter protection.

The larch roof tiles are cut specially to ensure better rain cover.

Each balcony and ladder are uniquely designed using heather and arbutus wood in order to blend the tree top houses within their natural environment and merge them with the woodland.


To meet our environmentally friendly policy, we use energy-efficient bulbs, wood central heating and a thorough recycling system.


It's located in the farmhouse garden benefiting from a Finnish sauna and circle bath. They were both built with non-treated wood and are exclusively run with wood.