Immersed in an ocean of branches in the south of Bizkaia, in the municipality of Zeanuri, the comfortable cabins are camouflaged perfectly among the foliage.

One of the great attractions of staying overnight in a cabin in this charming corner of the Basque Country is the feeling of freedom and intimacy it offers. Look where you look, you feel surrounded by the tranquility transmitted by the singing of the birds and the murmur of the secrets that the forest hides. We reveal one of its secrets ... the deer that will come to visit you walking under your cabin.

In the morning, in the tranquility of the cabin or perhaps on the terrace poured over the trees and surrounded by the melody of the birds, you can enjoy adelicious breakfast that is facilitated through a basket that goes up to the cabin with a simple pulley system.

For dinner a romantic and gastronomic menu is proposed in the cabin.

Elaia and Txantxangorria hangs amongst the trees at 17metres above the ground: a true magical experience!

The Suite Oooh! It has a terrace all around it. 360º view!

Given Hontza’s size, you can enjoy your tree top house with your family or friends.


  • Breakfast
  • Bed linen, blankets and towels
  • Bottles of mineral water
  • Lanterns
  • Candles
  • Heating
  • Showers (see each cabin)
  • Living room with ground fire (in the Caserío)
  • Cafeteria (in the Caserío)
  • Dry toilet
  • Free Wifi (in the Caserío)